Our Guesthouse and Grounds


“Let all guests that come be received like Christ Himself, for He will say: ‘I was a stranger and you took Me in.’ .. Let Christ – who indeed is received in their persons – be adored in them…”

 – Rule of St. Benedict, Chapter 57

Guesthouse Reservation

How can you stay in the Guesthouse?

Visiting Hours

When can you come to the abbey?

Visiting Guidelines

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Benedictines have always cherished the ancient duty of hospitality to pilgrims, to guests, to the poor, and to many members of other faiths. Christ himself is served in the person of those who come for direction or a kind word. In the busy and noisy world of today, many people seek peace and a place of quiet calm where they can get in touch with God.

Our Guesthouse

  • We regret that our guesthouse is closed indefintely during this period of the Covid-19 pandemic, but the guesthouse foyer is now open for access to public washrooms. If you have current reservations for the Abbey Guesthouse and have any questions or concerns, please contact the Guestmaster, Father Mark at info@westminsterabbey.ca or call 604.826.8975.


Abbey Gardens and Paths

The Abbey grounds are a sacred space where guests are invited to discover God’s presence in the beauty of creation. Many visitors come up to the abbey to view the Abbey gardens and take walks on the paths through the woods. To preserve the peace and atmosphere of prayer on the property, we kindly ask that our visitors observe our Visiting Hours and Visiting Guidelines.