Liturgical Prayer

The Heart of Monastic Life

Photo by Douglas Todd, The Vancouver Sun, 2008

Liturgical Prayer

Prayer & Worship

“ …let us consider how we ought to behave ourselves in the presence of God and of His angels, and so assist at the Divine Office, that our mind and our voice may accord together.” 

 – Rule of St. Benedict, Chapter 19

The daily Eucharist is the high point of our community worship. We welcome all to be present with us, but only those who share our faith and church communion can receive the consecrated Host. That is to say, one must be Catholic and adequately prepared.

All are welcome to participate in the Divine Office – the common Liturgical Prayer of the whole Church, carried out in the abbey church at set times of the day. Please help us maintain a spirit of silence in the church. If you love to sing, join in with us but please take your cue from the pace of the monastic choir.

“And let us remember that not for our much speaking, but for our purity of heart and tears of compunction shall we be heard.” 

 – Rule of St. Benedict, Chapter 20