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Oblates of St. Benedict

Oblates of St Benedict are principally lay men and women but also clerics associated in a special way with a Benedictine monastery. They commit themselves to living the spirit of the Rule of St Benedict in their own state of life, as lay people, or even clerics, living in the world rather than in the monastery.

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Oblates of St. Benedict

Our Extended Family

As members of the extended family of the monastery, oblates share in the prayers and good works of the community. Although there are some similarities, the Oblates of St Benedict do not form a Third Order; rather they are associated with a particular monastery.

There are also Congregations of Oblates. These are generally religious institutes, whose members make vows. Best known in Western Canada are the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate (OMI). These Congregations are a different thing from the Oblates of St Benedict described on these pages. Benedictine Oblates make a lifetime commitment, but not vows.

Some good general information about Benedictine Oblates from a North American perspective can be found at the website of St John’s Abbey, Collegeville, Minnesota: http://www.osb.org/obl/index.html

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